Highly scalability VueJs Framework with integrated API system

VueJs UI
Start your own VueJs web server in less than a minute. Automaticly manage your components and pages routing with core-server ! 100% Customizable with nice standard integrated features.
API system
Use our integrated API system to communicate with your databases. API's can be written in JavaScript, SQL or even PHP for peoples migrating from PHP to JavaScript ! Bind the API's to your UI with only 1 line of code, and start showing your data live.
Cluster Scalling
Don't care anymore of fast growing traffic on your site. Core-Server is able to scale very fast and share sessions between multiple nodes. An integrated support of Kubernetes is also available in order to auto discover every node of your cluster.

Framework Comparison

These tests were done on a MacBook Pro (End 2016)
API requests
+ 1255.00 requests/sec

API requests (4 threads)
+ 1721.00 requests/sec
Static resources
+ 6948.00 requests/sec

Static resources (4 threads)
+ 10454.44 requests/sec
Vue rendering
+ 2416.73 requests/sec

Vue rendering (4 threads)
+ 3891.99 requests/sec